Chipping + Porting

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OBD1 Chipped ECU's

The new look

OBD1 ECU (P28 Equivalent for VTEC)

* Chipped and ready to go for eCtune, Uberdata, Crome Pro and Neptune
* All ECUs chipped and tested
* Comes chipped with a low profile ZIF socket, datalogging header and a base-map on SST27SF512 EEPROM chip. 
* Easily removable 2 pin jumper for setting the ecu back to stock.

$175 - Non VTEC

$200 - VTEC

ECU Swaps of equal value
$ 75 - Non VTEC
$ 100 - VTEC

Plus applicable shipping charges
Prices subject to change

Other ECU hardware modifications, chipping services and custom cover colours are available. Please email for more information. 

Mac Kustoms

Just chipped and tested these ones. VTEC and Non VTEC ready to ship!

Testing ECU for no CEL operation and
VTEC activation

All ECUs are tested for proper operation after chipping.
The little orange led 5th from the left is the VTEC activation light. It lit up at 1500rpm. Just as I had it set in Crome. I know that's not practical. I was testing to see that VTEC would engage at all RPMs with no CEL.

This one is good to go.

Porting and polishing

If your looking for a good book on air flow check this one out!

Here are a few projects that I am currently working on.

P08 D15b, ported intake manifold up for grabs.

TPS, Fully adjustable, No more shear bolts
IAC valve
OBD2 255cc peak and hold (low impedance) injectors w/clips and resistor box (if required)
Ported 60mm Throttle body spacer w/port matched plenum
Stock 55mm Throttle body (tapered out to 60mm)
Stock fuel pressure regulator
FIT valve delete/block off plate (FIT valve is also available)
FIT valve block-off plate
Port matched
The throttle body spacer and intake manifold are both ported to 60mm. The throttle body is a stock 55mm butterfly but the housing is tapered from the back of the throttle plate out to match the TB spacer and plenum. (55mm out to 60mm)

This manifold will now allow for the use of a larger throttle body (60mm) without any further work.

Runners cleaned/ported

$350 takes it all or

Parts breakdown
TB = $50
Manifold = $60
Injectors = $125
Inj. clips and resistor = $50
Spacer = $40
IAC = $40
FPR = $20
TPS = $25
FITV = $40

SOHC F22B Intake Manifold

I am currently working on a high flow, short runner SOHC F22B plenum and manifold.

Pics and specs to come!

Mild head porting and polishing

My F22A6 head
Divider shortened, casting imperfections removed and seams cleaned up around the valve seats.
Exhaust ports cleaned up
 and polished
 Material shrouding valve openings removed (valve de-shrouding).
Combustion chambers and pistons tops polished

Lots of porting and polishing work still being done. 

Mac Kustoms