Friday, July 10, 2009

ITR Seats into CD5 - DIY

I picked up a set of USDM ITR front seats for a steal and figured that I would give them a shot in ol’Ghost.

Front seat frame only test fitting.

I'm not going to bother with a racing harness just yet. For now the car is just going to be a fair weather Daily Driver......Until we get a track or two around these parts. At that time all it will take is to unbolt these seats and drop in some ITR Recaros

Started off with completely clean Accord rails, cut everything off them except for the seat belt bracket on the inside rails. I made sure not to ruin the Accord front inside mount when I cut it off. I knew that I would need it later on to mount the ITR seat.

I drilled the spot welds off the mounting brackets from the ITR rails. This allowed me to weld the ITR brackets to the Accord rails.

The ITR seats have the inside rail mounting bolts coming from the bottom of the seat. This presented a problem in conjunction with the Accord rails. Therefore I had to move the mounts from the bottoms of the ITR seat pan to the side.

After moving the mounting brackets on the sides of the seat. I was able to fabricate the rear mount. I drilled the seat bolt hole threw a piece of 1/4" plate steel. Then tacked it to the existing seat belt bracket.

Here is where the original front mount from the Accord rail comes into play. I used it for the with the ITR seat bolt moved to the side and the Accord bracket offset on the rail slightly. Then tacked it into place.

I removed the seat bolts in order to finish all of the mount welds.

Viola one ITR seat pan in a CD5.

and the somewhat finished product....still waiting for new skins.

Both seats installed