Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Coil Over Plug Setup cont-1

Took a few minutes today to get my 2007 GSX-R pencil coils fitting snug in their new homes.

I had an old set of Accel 300+ ignition wires down in the garage. They were still in good shape, but I'm hoping I won't need them.

First I took the rubber grommet off the GSXR coil and took the Accel ignition wire apart. That allowed me to get the upper valve cover grommet off of it

Then I simply cut the top off the ignition wire grommet and was left with this.

After cutting the tops off the ignition grommet, I also had to bore out the inside diameter so that the coil would fit. Very messy job with a Dremel tool and a 60 grit cartridge roll. After that was done, I put some dielectric lube on them and stuffed them in their new homes. Snug as a bug in a rug. No need for a long aluminum mounting bracket when they are done this way. ;~)

When all was said and done. I spent $35 for a set of 2007 pencil coils. Took approx. 1.5hrs of my day to cut up a set of used ignition wires And they look like new. Tested the resistance on each coil and all is good on that front as well.