Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PCV Air Pump

Well I took some time off from the porting to let some of the aluminum dust settle. Also to give my compressor a little bit of a break.

A rainy day and all I decided to fix the $20 Denso smog pump that I bought a while back. My thoughts are to use it as a mechanical crank case ventilation system. Considering there probably isn't going to be enough vacuum to do it as per usual.

Used a puller and got the thing opened up, it was a little rusty around the edges. After a bit of cleaning it was as good as new.
Pulled it completely apart to give it a thorough going over.
Gave the inside a quick wipe down. Didn't want to use anything to abrasive and remove any material. I wasn't able to find any way to adjust the clearances of the impeller blades.
All cleaned up!

Found that it was the front bearing that was a bit messed up.

I don't think it was the original one ether. Looks like it was a quick fix. The seal on the back side of the bearing was dented. I removed the seal and a few of the retainers were slightly crushed. So I'll pay the $5 for a new bearing and press it in. Hopefully that will be the fix to my $20 PCV pump.

Mounting this pump under the alternator using the A/C bracket will be the next step for this system.

Monday, April 25, 2011

F22A6 Port Cleaning

Today I spent a few hours cleaning up the F22A's intake ports. They really look a bit on the angry side and just a little bit cleaner than they were.....

I didn't do much re-shaping work to them other than widening the injector valley for the DSMs wider V spray pattern.

Even the valve guides are tucked up in there nice and neat.
There was quite a bit of work to do to blend the seat and get rid of the casting marks running down the sides of the ports. There was also one in the center of the short turn just before each valve seat??????............. Gone now!

Hope to get at the exhaust ports tomorrow. I'm thinking that they might be a bit small. Might open the port up a mm or two. Nothing to big...... get some flow numbers and then make any real adjustments....

Stay tuned! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Individual Throttle Bodies V2

Well it's been a while and I figured that I should update this blog. During this recent absence my build has taken a slight deviation. I was finally persuaded to go with an F22A head when I had this given to me.
It is an F22A6 with a P12 intake manifold on it. Not a big deal as I really don't need the A6 intake secondaries anyway. ;)
The head had 1 bent valve. Turns out that there was no other damage to the head.
 These intake ports look a lot more inviting than the B2 ports ever did.
The exhaust ports need a little bit of work but with the straight through design they don't need 1/4 the time the B2 head needed. The B2 head with all of the work done. Still wouldn't have had the flow that these will have with a mild port cleanup.

The F22A6 block on the other hand.......
It had a broken rod and some damage to the underside of the cylinder bore and the crank rod journal. Nothing that a little bit of work can't fix. A weld here and an offset there, next project ;)

For now it will be used as an empty mock-up engine for arranging hoses, fittings and wires in the bay.

Now onto the V2 throttles.........
With a new F22A head comes the need for a new F22A intake flange for my throttles.

It was with great sadness that I marked........
........and then cut my old manifold.
However, It was with great excitement that I cut up the F22A (P12) intake to make the flange for the new head.
That is as far as I was able to get so far.

TIG welding and port cleanup coming soon!