Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stanley Foglight Referb

Working condition my F#@K'n A$$. The ground wire was severed and there was a blown bulb in the other one. Nether of them worked when I got them. I thought they looked like they were in pretty good condition........on the outside.

Then I tried to get them to work...... and that's when this hornets nest was reviled.

Yes these are the same fogs that are posted above.

They didn't mention any of this in the item description. Complete with severed ground wire, burnt out bulb, all 4 glass lenses broken around the edges and all the weather seals are toast.

and then after I cleaned them up

I am now waiting for seals and new screws and bulbs to complete the restoration. They don't look so bad now after 5 hours of drilling taping, grinding & polishing.

I ended up getting half of my money back from the Ebay member once I showed them the pictures... Nice to see that there are still some good honest people out there.

The worst Customer Service in North America. Update!

Kevin sent me another email last week apologizing for missing my call, accompanied by an excuse for not returning my call.

Here is his latest response;

Originally Posted by Email received
From: Kevin
To: GhostAccord
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 6:06 PM
Subject: RE: Parts Inquiry

Hi Mark, I missed your call the last time as our vehicle was hit and I was out of the office. I will endeavor to contact you in the next couple days.

- Gen5Alive staff

13429 Pumice street

Norwalk, CA 90650

And do you think he called me?

Not a chance. I find it funny that this email was sent the day after I originally posted this complaint on my blog. Wonder if I'll get another apologetic email after he hears about this one.


March 26, 2010, Update!

So I talked to the nice folks down at Bisimoto Engineering this morning.

This is the information I was given by Bisimoto Engineering,
Bisimoto Engineering was approached, around this time last year, by Kevin Murase of Gen5Alive to price the production of a Light Weight Crank Pulley for the F22 engine. Kevin was given a price per unit & the minimum number of units required to get that price. Kevin was not satisfied with the cost and went no further in pursuing the production with Bisimoto Engineering.

It took me a year to get that answer, in the end it was 1 phone call a year after the fact. Why couldn't anyone tell me that 8 months ago? Oh well now at least I know Bisimoto Engineering has nothing to do with this Gen5Alive scam. Now I will go back to my pursuit of my measly $160 from Kevin Murase & Gen5Alive.

Again I apologize for bringing Bisimoto Engineering into this. I still have never talked to the guy personally but his staff was very informative and courteous.

Thank you for clearing this up.

April 27, 2010, Update!

I just got off the phone with Kevin and he said that the crank pulley is still a go. He has been in contact with Bisi to get them finished up. It's funny, as stated above, that when I talked to Heidi a few weeks back, she said they had nothing more to do with them. I do not have any more details on what is taking place now. Maybe Kevin has gone back to Bisi after all else had failed. Kevin said he would keep in touch so there will be no further miss-communication.

He seemed sincere but I am still a bit skeptical. As long as he keeps the lines of communication open I will give him another chance.