Monday, June 6, 2011

EPM Finished

Had some time tonight to finish the EPM cover, stuff the sensor back in and wire up the connector.

Mounted the cam sensor in it's stock location and gave the wires a little bit of added cover.
Next to be put into place is the shaft and rotor, complete with the bearing and stock bearing plate. You can see that the hole is still there for the stock ignitor (ICM). I could have filled it with a piece of aluminum. However, I decided that I wouldn't take the risk of possibly warping the bearing plate by welding anything to it.  

In the end it really doesn't matter because the overall cap covers all those holes and the bearing plate. The cap was filed and ground down a bit so that the cover would fit nicely into it.
Final cam sensor complete with a water tight connector taken from my spare GSX-R wire harness.

Even I'm not sure what part of this build I'll jump to next.

Stay tuned to find out!