Monday, October 15, 2012

MegaSquirt3 EMS Update!

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Well it's been a while so I figured that I may as well post up something new!

Finally got my hands on the EMS that will be running this bad boy.

The MegaSquirtIII w/MS3X board. Love having 8 injector outputs with the software ability to do a dual stage fuel injection. The 8 logic coil drivers aren't too shabby ether. I know I'll only need 4 for this build. However, my 500CID V8 will need 8. ;)

Here is how she came to me...... blank main board and a few components to add to it!

I figured.... I know how to solder, so to order the DIY kit and save $200 would be a bonus.Took me a few minutes to get all of the components sorted out. Once I did it was off to the races.

Stages of progress.....

DB9 and DB37 connectors,


Diodes and capacitors,

Transistors, 2.5bar MAP sensor, LED's and the lower half and ends of the case,

MS3 CPU w/ USB datalog capabilities as well as on board data logging. ;~) I bought a 1G SD card years ago for a camera. Long gone is the camera so now the card has a purpose again....

MS3X board

and lastly the finished unit,

Surprisingly, I was able to solder a couple wires onto my Moates Honda engine simulator and use it to test this beast out...... Software and hardware are both good to go!

I am going to test it out on my 2001 2.0L Mazda Tribute that I currently have as a daily driver.....
This thing will be getting my original GSX-R ITB's, 24lb injectors, CRV coils and a set of CompCams stage 2 Zetec cams.....

Picked up one of these to make the transition between the Zetec head and GSX-R throttles a wee bit easier

Should be a good build up test for the MS3 before it goes into my Accord!