Monday, October 3, 2011

4 into 1

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I now have all 4 individual throttles and shafts spaced appropriately and operating smoothly. I was fortunate that the original horizontal mounting brackets on the throttles ended up in a vertical orientation. Using the previously drilled mounting holes that were in the brackets. All that was required was 2 x 305mm pieces of threaded rod and 6 precisely measured aluminum spacers.
The 4 throttle bodies are still able to be separated mechanically. I was originally going to have them machined and welded in sets of two. However, I like the fact that they are individual and can be replaced or worked on without any major machine work requirements.
Another bonus is that I was able to get the center line of the throttle body and intake ports to line up within +/- 2mm

I finished up the week having nearly completed fitting the velocity stacks.
As you can see there is still a bit of material to be shaved on each of the center stacks. it is pretty easy work I simply ran out of garage time...... I love my wife for putting up with the time that I am down there getting dirty and making a little noise

xoxo ;~)

Waiting for a few -AN bungs for the intake flange. I think it will be better to weld everything in one go. Saves setup time.....