Engine Bay and Wire Tuck

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I did give it a little go just too see what cleaners work best at getting rid of the sheep wool wax. When they say lifetime their not joking. This stuff is hard to get rid of but I did manage to find something that works fairly well.
I tried to sand it but it gums up the sanding disks in a matter of seconds. Then it just smears around everywhere....

Now that I have the complete front end striped it's cleaning time.

Wheel well looking for a good cleaning and coat of paint.
Got the cleaning part done at least. Now onto the bay. All full of dirty wax. Easy off oven cleaner is the only thing I found that actually takes this stuff off with very little effort on my part.
After cleaning up all of the undercoating I got started on cleaning up the liquid seam sealer.
OK so I got rid of most of the undercoating...... not 100% of it though.

Next thing I did was to plug weld all the small holes and patch the bigger ones in the fire wall/bulkhead. Including the AC and Heater Hose holes. I even went as far as covering up the main wire harness hole. My wires are going to be sneaking there way back into this bay another way.
Once I had all of the big holes covered and most of the unnecessary small ones filled. It was time to get down to cleaning everything up and welding the seams
Where this is going to be a bay that will be reviled with both the hood and fenders being lifted. I had to do a bit of a clean up job on the tops of the OEM rails. As you can see in this image the inner fender and outer fender are joined with spot welds that form a two piece ridge the entire way up the fender.
This had to go. So I drilled out the spot welds and cut away the outer fender portion.
Once I removed the outer fender portion. It was time to use some heat and bend the inner portion over the remaining outer fender material and weld it solid.
Now it's ready for a quick media blast and some primer and paint.