Saturday, July 18, 2009

Non Honda TPS Connector DIY

Non Honda TPS wiring for maintaining Stock engine wire harness connector. Also saves from having to buy a pricey aftermarket TPS mounting bracket/adapter plate

What Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) to use on DIY ITB's? I just finished testing my GSXR to F22B2 OBD2 TPS setup and everything works fine.

Here is how I did it:
I am using the stock GSXR Secondary TPS as it already has three wires ready to go. The primary GSXR TPS does not, it has a male connector on it,

Secondary TPS on the left, Primary TPS on the right.

I took an old Civic TPS and cut the guts out of it and exposed the connectors on the inside. I then cut the rest of the old TPS housing off. Leaving me with my newly created male connector. After soldering the three wires in there proper positions Sig/Gnd/Ref I had my GSXR to Honda TPS conversion ready for testing....

Close-up of the altered Civic TPS hooked into my OBD2 wiring harness.

New TPS and harness connected for testing, I used a screw driver to turn the GSXR TPS to simulate WOT.

I ran all of the standard Honda Voltmeter tests to confirm that the TPS was working correctly. At this time I was also able to record the actual voltage range for my new TPS so I can add them into my ITB TPS settings in Crome. I don't have any actual images of the readings as I only have two hands and I was flying solo today. Here are the readings that I read: 1.13v @ CT and 4.89v @ WOT.

With the most current tuning software that is available. It is very easy to calibrate non Honda TPS voltage values to enable smooth operation.

If you use the primary GSXR TPS the voltages are pretty much spot on with the Honda specs. 0.46 @ CT and 4.47 @ WOT