NEW Ducati 999R ITB's

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Ducati 999R Throttle Body and F22A1 Intake

I started off with 2 sets of 2003 Ducati 999R throttle bodies. Measuring 74mm at the trumpet and 54mm @ the throttle plate. These were a bit more pricey than my GSX-R1000 throttle bodies. Well worth the price of admission though!

First step was to clean them up and get rid of all the bits that I will not be using. They came with the secondary fuel injectors still attached. Those I will be using, it was a bonus that I got two sets with them included. The complete throttle linkage and mounting brackets between the two throttles will not be used.

With the injectors, velocity stacks, linkage and brackets removed. It's time to start fabricating the individual throttles to link up as one.

Where these were two sets of complete throttles I had to make a decision. There were 2 throttle cable pulleys and two throttle position sensors. So I removed one of each. I then ground down the outer shaft body in order to mate each throttle plate rods. Each of the throttles is still an individual item, the rod has not been welded or permanently fused in any way. 

This process would take a long time to get finished as it required a few trial moch-ups, for each throttle, to get everything lined up and working smoothly. The 4 stages of the intake, the plate that I am welding to the intake manifold and the injectors are the only parts missing at this point.

The red and black markings on the throttle body above were laid out for grinding the outer shaft as I moved along. Each throttle was done individually in order so that I could keep the proper spacing and ensure smooth operation of each throttle plate.

I ended up using 3 pieces of aluminum rod on both the front and the back to help keep the spacing. It really brought everything together after adding these.

The runners and stock F22 manifold flange.

Once the throttles were joined and properly spaced it was time to fit the velocity stacks and the manifold mounting plate. I chose to start with the harder of the two, the mounting plate and intake flange.

Once everything was cut down to size. I quickly realized that there were a few areas on the intake flange that would have to be cleaned up. If not there wouldn't be enough room to get a good weld completely around the runner.

Once I got those few little things out of the way it was on to plotting, drilling and tapping the mounting bracket for each of the 4 throttle body manifolds.

Might as well post up a few picks of the process.....

Once all of the holes were drilled and tapped it was time to mount the throttle manifolds and mark the plate for the openings.

After an hour of drilling and cutting with a jig saw......

No CNC machine here....... at least I have a drill press though.

Then the plates with there rough ports. Were ready for some die grinding to clean them up a bit.

Left more than enough material around the edges. I am going to go back after the plate has been welded and clean them up. There is a bit of a transition between the throttle manifolds and the intake flange that will have to be made then.


Here they are with those unbelievable hours of fabricating and grinding to get everything right. Awaiting a trip out to the shop for some aluminum welding.

Secondary Fuel Injection (Cumulative 2 Stage)

This was a much easier project than the setup for the GSXR ITBs. These came stock like this.....

So there wasn't really a lot of fabricating to do. I dropped them all on and measured up how they would fit.

Just a little soppy at the start. After a cut here, a grind there and quick file....... Voila!

Now I need to make my air box to fit over them...... That will be a bit harder!