Saturday, July 4, 2009

Engine & Tuning Parts

Engine & Tuning Parts

Well I don't get as excited as some over clear plastic bags with red "H's" on them but these parts make my heart beat a bit faster

• 34mm intake valves
• 30mm exhaust valves
• 175psi single springs
• Bronzed valve guides w/ seals
• Ti retainers


• Darton M.I.D. Sleeves
• Wiseco short skirt Pistons 89mm bore 29mm compression height w/0.6cc dome (approx 12:1 CR w/milled head)
• Carrilo H22 (143.5mm) Pro A Connecting Rods.

Rebuild Parts

• Full Engine Gasket Kit & Bearings
• Full ES Poly suspension kit & engine mount insert
• Ebay fuel pressure regulator w/gauge
• AEM Tru Time Gear
• Innovate Motorsports – x2 Wideband O2 sensors w/controllers – LM3 AUX Box & X-16 gauge
• Fidanza – 8.5lb flywheel & 3.2 Clutch kit
Well I now have all of the gear for my head. This is what was waiting for me down at the ol mailbox today when I came home from work.......ahhhh the mids to highs on this should be pretty sweet!

F22B2 Custom Grind Camshaft

Gloss Black Oil pan to go with my gloss white VC....

I got tired of cleaning and coating my suspension so I took a day to do my V-Cover instead.


Had to take the extra 20 minutes to file and polish the lettering.......

Want to give a shout out and big thank you to Chris and his team over at Xenocron for some outstanding customer service. He was quick to inform me that the rad I had ordered was on back order. Much appreciated. Then he arranged to have the order shipped right to my door saving a lot of time and cross boarder red tape BS. Sounds simple enough but not enough vendors care enough to contact customers anymore. I didn't even request a rush or anything, I ordered it and didn't really care when it shipped.

My aluminum half rad (Xenocron) fuel, brake and oil -AN fittings (Summit). Also has good customer service and very fast shipping considering they are using the USPS.


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