Friday, April 23, 2010

Active Spoiler Modification Take 2

I couldn't wait to get this project finished. Spent a few hours down in the garage today to get it finished up.

Here is a shot with both struts and mounts in place. Almost ready for the spoiler.
Once I had them both lined up it was time for a test fitting. When I had the spoiler mocked up. I was able to see that the spoiler mounts needed a slight modification.

To the grinding wheel I went. Once I had it roughly were I wanted it with the grinder I leveled them with a file.
Once I had the mounts leveled It was a lot easier to attach them to the spoiler.
Here they are securely mounted to the underside of the spoiler.
Now it was time to make the final adjustments on the transmission cables and sleeves, one of the steel sleeves had to be curved a wee bit to get it to work freely.

Time for a manual test.

Flush mounted, this will be the ride height under 45-50mph
And fully raised.

The fully raised position is where it will be when the spoiler ECU sees that my Accord is going over 45-50mph. With the flip of a switch I will be able to manually raise and lower it to any height in between.

A few more shots of it in the down position.

I will finish welding in the side panels for the drops another day.

Hope to have a video up as soon as I get the welding complete and all of the wiring hooked up.


  1. redzcstandardhatchApril 23, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    so awesome

  2. Wow, congrats. I wasn't sure if it was going to end up working or not. You should definitely get a video of it in action if you can.

  3. jerry (mclovinRR)May 5, 2010 at 10:53 PM

    thats awesome bro!!!

  4. Great Job Ghost, sik mod...
    definitely a 1 off for any HONDA!
    keep up the progress.

  5. Thank you all.

    I had my doubts if it was going to work or not. But it works very well, at least mechanically. I haven't had much time to get any work done as of late. The weather has been nice and there is always work around the house to be done.

    Stay tuned, I hope to get a few more things done soon!


  6. Wow I am amazed... looking something same for my subaru too although with less drilling and welding kind of a bolt on :)

  7. Thank you for the complement.
    I was trying to find something a bit less involved than this. However this was the easiest setup I could find with a decent price tag.
    Good luck with your project. I'm sure you could probably find one and not have to do any welding. I had to do it this way to keep the spoiler I chose flush with the trunk. I like to make more work for myself ;)