Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chassis and Suspension Parts

Chassis and Suspension Parts

KYB struts and Kaizenspeed balance shaft eliminator kit.....

Well here is what I have been working on putting together for the last little while. I didn't want to post pics after each part was blasted and coated so I figured I would post them all at once.

Front beam and radius rods

Center Beam

Rear Beam

Rack and tie rod ends

Front suspension - should go nice with my red KYB's

Rear suspention


  1. those parts look great
    hopefully they'll serve you well

    what are your plans for brake modifications?
    ..maybe NSX calipers up front? and something a bit weaker on the rear?

  2. For now I'm keeping the stock calipers up front and doing an Ex-R (US EX) rear disc conversion. I have a few part numbers saved in my files for doing a custom Wilwood Superlite 6 piston setup in the future.

  3. posting in an old post, but when you do the rear conversion, a really nice walkthrough with what parts you used from a EX and what parts you had to buy separately would be awesome.. I need to do this on my own and unfortunately it's also my daily driver so we'd have to be prepared to get it completed over a weekend and having everything ready in hand. (Plus there is no good information on this online that I can find either....)

  4. I plan on doing a full write up when I get around to doing the back end of the car. I have a long way to go before I get to that though. Still working away at the front.

  5. QUESTION! On the Rear Suspension picture, What is the Top piece in the picture called?

  6. The top part is the trailing arm assembly.