Saturday, August 8, 2009

Civic 1/2 Rad installed into a CD5

I did manage to get my half rad mocked up & mounted.

Started by removing the stock lower rad mounts.

Drilled out the spot welds and they came off with no problems.
They are a little bit rough but with a quick sand blast and a coat of fresh paint they should last.

I had to cut out the socket in the cross member that was used to hold the A/C condenser. It was in the way of my new mount location. You can see in the first image that it curves out from the front bulkhead approx 1/2".

Had a piece of pre-bent steel that was the right thickness and pretty much the perfect contour, cut it to size and tacked it in place.

After that I mocked up the rad to mark where all the mounts were to be welded and holes drilled for screws.

At this time I heated up the replacement plate and the cross member to bend them into shape. Welded the seams and the bulkhead was better than stock with the newly located lower mounts welded to it.

Drilled and welded nuts to the underside of the upper cross member for the upper rad mount. Just have the one finished in this pic. I used one of the stock CD5 upper rad mounts and bushings for the single mount on the Yanaka half rad.

I used the rubber bushings from the CD5 A/C condenser for the lower rad mounts. I had to drill out the inner diameter of the bushings a wee bit to get them to fit over the Yonaka posts. I also had to bore out the lower rad mounts to accept the larger bushings.

Securely mounted and ready for hoses.

With more than enough space between the front bulkhead and the rad.

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