Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An update on the worst customer service

I posted this on the Gen5 web forum and have yet to receive any form of reply from Kevin or the staff at Gen5.

"He won't answer my messages or my phone calls. So I'm back to contacting him via public means. As I am unable to make comments on the Gen5Alive facebook page anymore. I must resort to the Gen5 site.

Kevin you said my parts were being shipped out by the 15th of October.


Just wondering if there is any word on there whereabouts?

A valid USPS tracking number would work.


Well at least the Better Business Bureau has finally caught up with him. They have given his store the lowest rating it could possibly have, an F

BBB Business Review of Gen5Alive - Automobile Parts and Supplies Retail - Norwalk, CA

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to make any difference in the way in which he conducts his business.


  1. i am waiting for my hood damper for longer than 24 months. kinda gave up on them.

  2. Yes, I have given up on getting anything out of him as well. I am only continuing this to hopefully notify people of Kevin's poor business practices. Have them notice this before they make the same poor decision that I made.