Sunday, April 24, 2011

Individual Throttle Bodies V2

Well it's been a while and I figured that I should update this blog. During this recent absence my build has taken a slight deviation. I was finally persuaded to go with an F22A head when I had this given to me.
It is an F22A6 with a P12 intake manifold on it. Not a big deal as I really don't need the A6 intake secondaries anyway. ;)
The head had 1 bent valve. Turns out that there was no other damage to the head.
 These intake ports look a lot more inviting than the B2 ports ever did.
The exhaust ports need a little bit of work but with the straight through design they don't need 1/4 the time the B2 head needed. The B2 head with all of the work done. Still wouldn't have had the flow that these will have with a mild port cleanup.

The F22A6 block on the other hand.......
It had a broken rod and some damage to the underside of the cylinder bore and the crank rod journal. Nothing that a little bit of work can't fix. A weld here and an offset there, next project ;)

For now it will be used as an empty mock-up engine for arranging hoses, fittings and wires in the bay.

Now onto the V2 throttles.........
With a new F22A head comes the need for a new F22A intake flange for my throttles.

It was with great sadness that I marked........
........and then cut my old manifold.
However, It was with great excitement that I cut up the F22A (P12) intake to make the flange for the new head.
That is as far as I was able to get so far.

TIG welding and port cleanup coming soon!

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