Monday, April 25, 2011

F22A6 Port Cleaning

Today I spent a few hours cleaning up the F22A's intake ports. They really look a bit on the angry side and just a little bit cleaner than they were.....

I didn't do much re-shaping work to them other than widening the injector valley for the DSMs wider V spray pattern.

Even the valve guides are tucked up in there nice and neat.
There was quite a bit of work to do to blend the seat and get rid of the casting marks running down the sides of the ports. There was also one in the center of the short turn just before each valve seat??????............. Gone now!

Hope to get at the exhaust ports tomorrow. I'm thinking that they might be a bit small. Might open the port up a mm or two. Nothing to big...... get some flow numbers and then make any real adjustments....

Stay tuned! 

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