Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little bit of Guide Work

Cranked up the old oven to 150°C and got the workbench prepared to remove a couple valve guides tonight.

The exhaust side was a bit more work than the intake side. Now I know that if I get into doing this on a regular basis. I will have to invest in an air chisel with a 5.5mm guide bit. Too many trips back and forth to the oven for this cat.

Exhaust side removed....took a few swings of a hammer to get them out. The added surface area on the cylinder head for the exhaust guide acts as a heat sink. This is a good thing for cooling the exhaust valves. Not so good for removing the exhaust guides!
 Intake side removed, fairly easily as there is approximately half the surface area to overcome.
All ready for a bit more porting........
Next update should have all these ports ready for a valve job and new guides.

Keep the AFRs low

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