Thursday, July 14, 2011

Push Button Start!

Check this one off the list............
No longer a smoker and this car will not have any need for a 12v output socket. So I figured that this would be as good a place as any for my push button start switch to go.

Started off by removing the cigarette lighter housing and trim piece.
Then I had to file the existing trim piece to fit the PBS finish ring. After a few hours of measuring and filing. I finally got it to fit. There are 3 tabs and 3 key ways on the backside of this ring. It was a rather large PITA!
Once that was done it was onto making the mounting bracket for the PBS switch itself. That was to consist of a few bends in a piece of sheet metal.
Then a few more bends and a couple holes drilled and she's ready for paint.
After that was done it was time to set the two mounting screws (with heads cut off) into the back of the trim piece. The reason for doing this is because the lighter socket and housing were used to sandwich this piece in place in the console.
After adding the epoxy I taped the cover in place. This was done to hold the studs straight and true to the mounting holes while the epoxy dried.
Give it a night for the epoxy and paint to dry and the next day was time for a fitting.
Could have been a bit cleaner, but it's all hidden behind the dash..........
.............. I think it looks pretty good from the front.

May start playing with resin this weekend!

Stay tuned!

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  1. nice one brother..was looking for a spot for the PBS too on my CB..