Wednesday, September 21, 2011

54mm Throttle Body Update - 2

Finally took possession of 2 more 54mm throttles and 4x Ducati 999s intake manifolds this week. That puts my count to 4 complete throttles and now it is time to start the manifold fabrication process.

Here is what I have to work with now.

• 2x Injector wire harness complete with Mil spec connectors and air box seals
• 4x 491cc top feed injectors
• 4x shower top velocity stacks
• 4x 54mm Magnetti Marelli throttle bodies
• 4x throttle body manifolds

Also have materials for my throttle body to intake adapter
• 1x 5/8" aluminum plate (manifold flange)
• 1x F22A intake manifold (cut to length for throttle flange)

These next images show the progression of parts, minus the 5/8 adapter plate that will go between the throttle manifolds (black) and F22A manifold flange.

Now it's time to have the throttle shafts machined and cut the aluminum throttle adapter plate to size. Then weld it to the intake flange.......Porting and all the finishing touches after that.

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